Are you a Bay Area artist that needs to print large volumes of your works of art? Or maybe you are a local savvy collector who wants a custom large format print.

At Hyottoko Productions, we have a large format printer that can produce professional quality and artist-level prints. If you live in the Bay Area, and in need of our large format printing—feel free to contact us using the Contact Us page.

Before you contact us, please read below the limitations of our printer as well as some other information that you may need to know.

We can do small prints; however, the smallest print we are able to do is 11" by 14".

We currently have a 24" large format printer, and evidently, the largest print we can do is 24".

Most large format prints require images with high resolutions else the quality of the print degrades.  We recommend a resolution of 300 or higher. And of course, if you require a much larger print, we insist on a much higher resolution of the image.

Unfortunately, our printer does not do borderless printing on sheets. It will automatically include margins. However, borderless prints can be done on rolls. Below are the margins for both rolls and sheets.


Top, right, and left margins 5 mm = 0.2 inches
Bottom margin (trailing edge) 5 mm = 0.2 inches (roll)
17 mm = 0.67 inches (sheet)


We do not provide quick printing services since we do not often stock all the materials for certain prints. As a result, we require you to make preparations ahead of time—preferably two weeks beforehand.

We also recommend customers to pick up their artwork at our office (house), which is why our printer is limited to the Bay Area.

Although not required, we encourage you to visit our office. We know, as an artist, you want control over every detail of your print, and you want to hear constructive feedback from your printers.

Below are pictures of people and their custom prints.