Hyottoko Productions was started by Cassidy Pham, a graduate of San José State University with a BA in History, a minor in Asian Studies, and a Masters in Library Science and Information. He is the local go-to guy when it comes to domestic and international issues: global conflicts, nationalism, globalization, etc. His love for modern history and information is equally shared by his fascination for video games and Japanese anime—a fascination that ultimately inspired his latest creation, the Public Anime Library.

Aside from his academic background, he has a more casual lifestyle that consists of gaming, especially PC games, cooking, reading the news on a daily basis, amateur video editing, and socializing.

This site serves as a front in which you, the patron, can read in-depth articles on Japanese and anime culture, browse through our catalog of anime, and read about our large format printing services.

Hyottoko Productions also maintains three social media platforms:  Facebook, Instagram and Tumblr.